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DotcomPal enables you to skyrocket visitor’s engagement and literally push them towards desired marketing goal at every customer touchpoint of your journey/sales funnelto boost the conversions& sales. It boosts conversions at customer touchpoints like website/shop, blog, landingpages for ads, sales pages, follow-ups and customer trainings to 10X your business from same traffic.
You can boost engagement on existing sales funnels or build a high converting customer journey/Sales funnel from scratch using DotcomPal without any technical hassles. It’s Easy & fast with DFY templates &hand-holding support.
Proven Solution That I've Been Using for My Own Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Videos, Popups and Files Storage to Run A 7 Figure Business Online and…
Got Over 1715 Conversions with $156,837 in SalesUsing Just 1 Proven Funnel on JVzoo.
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30+Premium Things That You’ll Get When You Get Started with DotcomPal Today:
Make Unlimited Profits – Add Unlimited Businesses
Create UNLIMITED business / subdomains / channels for yourself or for your clients. Create a separate subdomain for each business& manage all of them from single dashboard easily to save you time & focus on making more profits out of it.
DotcomPal Videos: Host & Play HD Videos with NO Delays & Buffering
Get maximum user engagement on your website and landing pages. Even deliver all your customer trainings faster for maximum customer satisfaction using DotcomPal Videos.

Play your videos Anywhere on internet to Take 100% Control on your Video Traffic. It seamlessly works with a WordPress Site, Online Shops, Shopify, Membership Site and Landing Pages.
DotcomPal Popups & Sticky Bars - Create UNLIMITED Personalised Notification Campaigns with5 Powerful Engagement Apps in 1 Solution
Creating high converting notification campaigns just got faster and easier. Simply use our state-of-the-art technology to create almost anything you need for your marketing goal from 1 central dashboard. Build Unlimited Campaigns for your own and your client’s business without any restrictions.
  • Unlimited Personalized Sticky Bars
  • Unlimited Splash Pages
  • Unlimited LightBox Popups
  • Unlimited Countdown Timers
  • Unlimited Notifications Boxes
Unlock FULL Power Of DotcomPal Pages - Create UNLIMITED Beautiful, Mobile-Friendly & Fast-Loading Landing Pages
Create unlimited faster, engaging and high converting landing pages without any prior tech skillsand convert traffic into customers.

Lead Generation Pages
Get MAX Potential Buyer Leads
Sales Pages
Get MAX Sales & Profit
Secured Download Pages
Get MAX Customer Satisfaction
Coming Soon Pages
Get MAX Curiosity For Your Offers
Webinar Registration Pages
Get MAX Registrants for your Next Webinar
Product Review & Bonus Pages
Earn Max Commissions
Event Pages
Get MAX booking to Your Events
Website Home Page
Get Max Exposure to your brand
Lead Nurturing Pages
Convert Max Leads into customers by educating them & a proper CTA
Create Any Type of Page
Deal Page, thank you, portfolio, contact us, legal pages & much more
Unlock FULL Power Of DotcomPal Funnels–Build Unlimited Sales Funnels/Customer Journey from Scratch for Any Marketing Goal
Creating high converting funnels just got faster and easier. Simply use our state-of-the-art technology to create almost anything you need without any restrictions.
  • Sales Funnels
  • Lead Funnels
  • Product Launch Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Lead Nurturing Funnels
  • Client Closing Funnels
  • Any Other Marketing Funnel
You’ll have no limits to what you can do. You never have to worry about anything ever again!
Sales Funnel
Pre Launch
Client Closing
Lead Funnel
Webinar Funnel
Lead Nurturing
Get Access To Most Advanced DotcomPal Editor: Fully Customizable, Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Editorthat Requires Zero Designing or Tech Skills
Do you want to change anything on pages, popups or any DotcomPal template? You can do it with our Fully drag & drop WYSIWYG editor. Just click on any element to edit, replace or delete it.
We have designed the builder completely newbie friendly to accomplish task at pro level. Change font, color, link, elements & much more effortlessly. Here’re few-
Upload any image and edit it, you can even use this image in any future campaign
Show any video on the page with professional built-in HLS video player
Show effective CTA that enticed your visitors to click, sign up and buy.
Edit and add a new section in ONE click. You can customize it separately for mobile and desktop visitors
Create engaging headlines with advanced typography editing technology
Ticking Timers are legitimately one of the most effective ways to create scarcity and generate more sales for you.
Countdown Timer
Use our DFY optin-forms and send leads directly to your favourite autoresponder
Draw any box, circle or lines to bring attention to get your visitors to focus on what you want
Add social media icons anywhere on your site to connect visitors with your brand and ask them to share your pages for viral traffic.
Plus much more… you can build almost anything from scratch using this next generation editor.
DotcomPal Premium Templates: 300+ Battle-Tested, Done-For-You Templates to Build High Converting Landing Pages, Funnels & Popups Fast & Easy.
You get Mobile optimized and elegant templates for almost all type of marketing campaigns to get everything MAX – max attention, max leads, max sales and more importantly max profits.
DotcomPal MyDrive: Store & Share Business Files Securely with Your Clients &Team Members
Upload & store all your business files including images, documents, audios, videos, folder etc. securely with MyDrive. Organize files with folders, search bar or advanced filters and deliver media to your clients or team members easy & FAST.

You’llget 200GB Bandwidth & 1TB Storage for your DotcomPal Account😉Except that, fast speed of delivery which is a pivotal success points for every top-level marketer today…
DotcomPal Audience & Leads: Manage Leads, Checkout Lead Info & Timely Behaviour Data to Analyse and Get More Sales
We Know You Care About Your Audience, So We’re Making It Super Easy for You to Grow Them. We Keep record of every visitor’s interaction with your sales channels. Eg. who visited on your website, watched your videos, visited landing pages and how much time they spent and much more…

We manage and track user behavior & their activity journey to understand their exact need &empower you with important data to close them into paying customers.
Smoothly A/B Test Your Landing Pages& Pop-Ups
Easily set up A/B tests for your pages and popups etc. to evaluate their performance & boost conversions.

Decide winners according to their goals anduse the best variant and keep a smooth track of your marketing campaigns.
DotcomPal Analytics: Quickly Discover the Insights of Your Campaigns with Precise Analytics
Analyze your all the marketing campaigns on various components. Know the number of visitors landing on your marketing pages, videos, website and their conversions with your businessin nice graphs. Build strategy & Improve your marketing campaigns to get more Returns and Profits.

Get the complete details of geographical data of your business personas and find out the devices, browsers, operating systems they are visiting to get deep insight.
DotcomPal Integration: Get Connected with Your Favourite Tools
50+ Integrations with Autoresponders, Webinars, CRM, Storage, Content Providers and Other Services. Setup integration in few clicks and send all your leads into your favourite autoresponders, webinars, CRM and other marketing tools for prompt communication.

Send a series of personalized email messages to new leads atpre-defined intervalsor directly register potential customers for your next webinar to convert them into profits.

Import files from google drive or bring images directly from Shutterstock into DotcomPal. You can do much more using Integrations.
Custom Domain to Intensify Your Brand Presence
Build your authority and credibility by showing pages, videos & files on your own domain with your own LOGO using our custom domain feature. It also gives you better exposure in search engines.
Automatic & FREE SSL Encryption for Security
Get 100% unbreakable security with SSL encryption for all your pages, funnels, files, videos etc. created with us.
Add Unlimited Team Members – Your Ultimate Business Builder
As your business builds and grows, we grow with you – It’s a dream. You can add unlimited team members & assign roles and privileges to your in-house or freelancing team members accordingly and reduce your burden of managing hundreds of projects.
Get Accurate Logs For Team Member’s Activities For Effective Monitoring
No more playing the waiting game and lose value from your marketing campaigns in the absence of accurate logs for team members. Use this exclusive opportunity with this Upgrade and take your business to the next level.
A Top-Notch Software, MaxDrive With Commercial License To Sell & Provide – Funnel, Landing Page And Website Creation Services To Your Clients
Providing high-in-demand funnel, landing page & website creation services couldn’t get easier than this. You’re getting the never offered before MaxDrive Commercial License to provide funnel, landing page and website creation services to your clients with DFY support for our software. This is something that will get you way above your competitors.
Work Collaboratively & Share Proven Funnels Templates With Your Team Members, Clients & Group Of Marketers For Faster & Proven Funnels & Results-
We value your time and money and know how precious it is. Keeping this in mind, we’re giving you the power to work collaboratively & share proven funnels templates with your team members, clients & group of marketers for faster & proven funnels & results.

This is a cool feature that enables you to work with other marketers to deliver better results for your clients as well as for yourself.
Easily Remove Our LOGO From Your Client’s Pages And Funnels And Present Yourself As an AUTHORITY.
With Premium Membership, we are giving you the power to easily remove our LOGO from your client’s pages and funnels and present yourself as an AUTHORITY. This will build your instant credibility & show you as an authority mark in Online Marketing arena. We’ve never offered this before, and this is your only chance to get them.
This Feature Alone Is A HUGE Value for Your Business.
Exclusive Email Follow Up Journey Automated Technology
Just like building a funnel, you’ll be able to visually design the journey of your email follow ups with total ease. This will give you a perfect view of how your campaign will look to your subscribers.

Once you’re done and satisfied with your designed campaign, simply let the automation do all the work of managing the campaign for you while you sit back and profit.
Integrates With Your SMTP Easily!
Not into the major autoresponders? No problem! MaxDrive can also work with just about every SMTP service too. And configuring the settings is an absolute breeze.

Now you won’t have to piece together multiple solutions for your email marketing. By combining MaxDrive with your SMTP service, it’ll be like a match made in heaven.
List Cleaning and List Checking Included At No Extra Cost!
If there’s one thing that interferes with getting your emails delivered it’s sending to bad email addresses and getting a ton of bounces. When this happens, you can be flagged by most email service providers and end up in the SPAM.

Or worse, you’ll be blacklisted altogether!

But not to worry. Premium Membership comes with built in list cleaning and list checking options for you. So you not only save money on these services, but make sure you’re emailing a clean list with every single follow up and promotion
Craft Awesome Emails With Our Intuitive Editor
You’ll find that most email editors to be clunky and...well, not very user friendly. But as we said before, we use email a lot in our marketing and often found with other software that it was a pain just to write a decent email.

So that’s why we’ve designed the perfect email editor. One that’s non-intrusive, but delivers an amazing writing experience that helps you craft the perfect email to your list.
Unlimited Email Sending & Scheduling Without Any Restrictions
We’ll also make sure to let you que up and send as many emails as you want. That’s right. No restrictions or limitations on how much you can do in your MaxDrive account.

Que up emails for the week, the month, heck..even the year if you like. And do it for multiple lists if you choose. Once you’re done, MaxDrive will deliver your emails on time every time.
Smart Tagging For Easy Segmentation - A True Conversion Booster!
You’ll also be able to tag your subscribers to various offers, interests, and more. This feature helps to boost conversions because you’ll be able to mail relevant offers to those who want them without upsetting those who don’t.

This can increase subscriber retention and boost your open rates. When that happens, you’re more likely to end up in the inbox and not the SPAM or Promotion Folder.
Advanced SPAM Checker - Makes Sure Your Emails Get Delivered
There’s no use of sending an email if it never gets seen. To help with that, MaxDrive includes one of the finest and most advanced spam checkers available today.

Run your emails through this option and you’ll have insight as to whether or not your email will make it to the inbox. Great for boosting your deliverability before you press send.
Detailed Email Analytics At Your Fingertips
MaxDrive can give you all the data you need for your email marketing campaigns and not even break a sweat. Get down to the details of every single campaign to see what’s working and what to avoid.

This way you can see which emails resonate with your list and create more successful campaigns in the future.
Personalization Options To Boost Open Rates
In case you want to add a personal touch to your emails, MaxDrive gives you that option too. Use it to craft perfect subject lines or make your emails stand out. When you do this, you’re sure to boost your open rates because your emails will look like they’re being sent from a friend!
Advanced Subscriber Management With Suppression List
This feature gives you the ability to add email addresses to a suppression list which suppresses them from receiving broadcast messages when you send to all your subscribers.

You can also use our advanced filters to find any contact within seconds. You can also export all your subscribers into Excel & CSV format. Now, managing subscribers will become a cakewalk.
Keep Profiting Now, Forever and Always:All Future Upgrades Are Included
We continuously working hard to make it NO. 1 choice for marketers. We will add amazing features routinely – proven templates, new integrations, updates and new features to give you the best services.

With our Top-Level, you won’t ever have to wait for updates. They’ll appear like magic! We’ll provide regular updates on autopilot, so you won’t ever have to lift a finger!
We’ll Look After You for The Long-Term – Best-in-class Premium Support
We don’t expect that anything will go wrong whilst you are using our services (its bullet tested!) – But we ALL need a little helping hand now and again…

So it goes without saying you get first-in-line support, chat, email and of course support tickets. Along with our dedicated chat support, you also get premium call support, so the majority of your queries can be solved by us in the shortest time possible.
So relax and take a deep breath, because you’ll never have to waitAnd You’ll ALWAYS Be Our First Priority.
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MaxDrive Reloaded Premium Membership Monthly Deal
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  • DotcomPal Advanced Drag & Drop Editor
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  • DotcomPal MyDrive
  • DotcomPal Audience & Leads
  • A/B Testing
  • Precise Analytics
  • 50+ Seamless Integrations
  • Custom Domain to Intensify Your Brand Presence
  • Automatic & FREE Encryption for Security
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  • DotcomPal Funnels
  • DotcomPal Advanced Drag & Drop Editor
  • 300+ Battle-Tested, DFY Templates
  • DotcomPal MyDrive
  • DotcomPal Audience & Leads
  • A/B Testing
  • Precise Analytics
  • 50+ Seamless Integrations
  • Custom Domain to Intensify Your Brand Presence
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  • DotcomPal Funnels
  • DotcomPal Advanced Drag & Drop Editor
  • 300+ Battle-Tested, DFY Templates
  • DotcomPal MyDrive
  • DotcomPal Audience & Leads
  • A/B Testing
  • Precise Analytics
  • 50+ Seamless Integrations
  • Custom Domain to Intensify Your Brand Presence
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